Provides Customisable, Functional and Technical
Integration services for entities requiring high level support within the Petro Chemical Industry.
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Energy Infrastructure Solutions
Fuel & Tank System Management and Decommissioned Site Management

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Connexion Engineering

Connexion Engineering provides customisable, functional and technical integration services for entities requiring high level support within the Petro Chemical Industry.

Our commitment to our projects ensures we provide the most cost effective solutions and a level of service over and above client expectation.

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Compliance reports of fuel tanks and fuel systems to AS 1692, AS 1940 and other relevant Standards.

Authorised API 653 Tank Inspector

Technical drawing capabilities

We have an extensive knowledge and access to a range of Australian and International Standards

Our Expertise


Defence products and services include: remediating sites contaminated with UXO, CWAs and TRWs; supplying CBRN and TIC/TIM protection, detection, identification, mobile hospital solutions and monitoring systems.


Energy products and services include: providing Bulk Fuel Infrastructure Management; decommissioned site management; hazardous materials remediation.


Marine products and services include: supplying oil spill equipment and response vessels; accredited oil spill response training; storage and maintenance services; and security services.


Enviro products and services include: enviromental remediation from mould remediation to Defence fuel storage systems and refinery sludge ponds.

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We provide quality and innovative structural engineering design solutions.